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Street-Pop Sensation Portable Speaks Out on Recent Physical Attack by Friends

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Nigerian Street-Pop sensation Portable was assaulted by friends while defending his sister.


Nigerian street-pop sensation, Portable, has narrated his recent ordeal at the hands of his friends, who physically assaulted him while defending his sister from them.

In a video posted on his Instagram account, Portable revealed that he flew back to Lagos from Gambia after he was told that his sister was being assaulted by her husband, who happened to be one of his long-term friends.

Portable narrated how he footed the hospital bills when his sister was put to bed after she was impregnated by said friend, and he also financed the naming ceremony.

However, the men who attacked him were persons whom he had previously assisted in various capacities and were envious of him because he was now a star who could afford to buy their family properties.

While the issues that led to the attack on Portable remain unclear, in the video, he revealed that he was attempting to protect his sister from her husband.

The famous artist, who displayed the bruises he suffered on his arms and head, stated that his superstar status would not stop him from protecting his family.

In a statement issued by his camp, Portable described the event as disheartening and intends to take legal action against his attackers.

“The events of the last few days has been a bit challenging and very disheartening. As a Management, we are unable to come to terms with how young people can be so blindly motivated by their entitlement mentality that they would helplessly resort to wanton destruction of property and life threatening bodily harm.

our Lawyers have been fully briefed and necessary legal actions are being negotiated in ensuring that this regrettable action of some self-motivated-greedy lots does not go unpunished as the law is a respecter of no one. Once again, we thank you for standing by us all these gone by years.”

We will keep monitoring the situation and bring you updates as they unfold.

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